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Why use
concentrated FITOVALOR fertilizers?


Improve soil structure by adding organic carbon, increasing organic matter, and increasing soil water holding capacity by counteracting water evaporation


Increase the plant's resistance to abiotic stress caused by adverse weather conditions (high / low temperature, lack of rain)


Increase the quantity and quality of crop yields through a balanced and comprehensive supply of nutrients as well as promote proper plant growth and development


Reduce the need for fertilizers, thus reducing the cost of treatments by up to 40% (purchase of fertilizers, fuel costs, water and remuneration, washing agents and chemical additives)


Reduce soil and groundwater pollution, reduce CO2 and methane emissions

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Our implementations in 2022/2023

"Tyson" sweet corn

The sweet corn crop with FITOVALOR fertilizer recorded 20% higher yield than the control. The crop yielded a volume of 18 t/ha, while the crop treated with standard fertilizer yielded 14-15 t/ha.

Przeciwdziałamy wyjałowieniu gleby
Propagujemy rolnictwo regeneratywne

The soil application of our organic-mineral fertilizers results in an increase in plant vitality, as well as an increase in the uptake of phosphorus and potassium from the soil, thus improving the supply of nutrients to plants. 

Proper saturation of the soil with nutrients prevents the leaching of easily soluble potassium salts and nitrogen, which translates into an increased concentration of humus, nitrogen and heterotrophic bacteria that constantly supplement nutrients metabolized by plants. 

FITOVALOR fertilizers contribute to a significant activation of groups of microorganisms that are involved in the mineralization of organic substances. Thanks to this, the soil is enriched with available and easily assimilable nutrients. Decaying organic matter produces large amounts of organic acids and carbon dioxide. Under their influence, inaccessible compounds of the mineral phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium are transformed into forms available to the plant.

Alternative to traditional nitrogen fertilizers

The products offered by Fitovalor sp z o.o., thanks to the unique formula and proprietary production technology based on the latest knowledge and experience of the FITOVALOR team in the field of biology and genetics, including in particular molecular biology and genomics, significantly improve soil quality, increase the quality and quantity of crops and better absorption of nutrients by plants.

Research conducted by FITOVALOR sp. z o.o. on crop fields shows that plants that have received foliar application of our fertilizers stand out with significantly better development and increased yields compared to other plants.

Wide use
of FITOVALOR fertilizers

Our fertilizers are available in concentrated liquid form, thus they can be used for a variety of crops, including among others, for:

spring and
winter cereals

root crops, oilseeds,
sugar crops

vegetables and fruits

fibrous plants


legume plants

fodder beets

Fitovalor fertilizers can be used
both for large-scale crops,
and small-scale crops, in the field and under covers.

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