out of love for nature
The meaning of our work is
to help Farmers make high profits by producing healthy food for us

FITOVALOR serves the Farmers

FARMERS are some of the most important entrepreneurs necessary for our daily functioning. We need them to ensure that we eat healthy food for years to come.

FITOVALOR supports farmers with business and agrotechnology so that they prosper:
1/ we reduce the cost of crop cultivation,
2/ we increase profits through higher yields,
3/ we ensure the regeneration of the soil so that its production capacity grows.

A bonus is support in control of business profitability at request. We work for Farmers who count money and measure results.

out of love for nature

Cost reduction

Crop costs are made up of more than a dozen different issues. By using our products, two of them are affected: fertilization and the number of treatments; we reduce fertilization costs by completely changing the fertilization structure, which can be compared to the difference between honey and sugar. We also allow to limit treatments because our fertilizers can be combined with any products, so fertilization is done together with other treatments

Higher yields

Taking care to reduce costs makes margins grow, nevertheless, there is a second important factor that truly affects farm profits - quality and yield. Subsequent field tests prove that our fertilizers improve:
a/ yield, b/ crop durability (short time to harvest and time to process),
c/ crop quality (need for segregation and losses), d/ crop consistency, chemical composition and taste. These aspects affect price and minimize losses - maximizing profits.

Regenerative agriculture

In Poland, we are seeing declining soil fertility due to a/ loss of soil organic carbon and nutrient imbalance, b/ decline in organic matter, c/ decline in macro- and micro-elements, d/ loss of soil biodiversity. We contribute to soil erosion through robbery economy. FITOVALOR products aim to restore the soil's "factory settings". This is a very important goal for us

Why do we do this?

If farmers could only focus on taking care of their land, soil and plant nutrient treatments without worrying about the bottom line - it would be easier for them.

Our mission is to help Farmers make money because we need it to live. We want to provide Farmers with organic fertilizers that will help them improve yields, crop quality, plant stress resistance and soil remediation, and as a result, increase farm profitability.

Our vision is to bring our soil to "factory settings", that original structure that gives good yields. We want to significantly strengthen regenerative agriculture. To do this, we must be a leader in organic and organic-mineral fertilizers in liquid, concentrated form that contribute to sustainable agriculture and environmental protection.

FITOVALOR in numbers
across 5 continents
use our fertilizers
thousands of liters of fertilizers
is the potential of our production per month
percentage of customers
buy from us again
and recommend us to others
percent of our commitment you receive as standard

Commitment is a strength

Our strategic goal is to change the world by helping Farmers make money.

We gather people with relevant experience and passion, who are not indifferent to the fate of our planet. The result of our many years of work is a portfolio of products, including an enhanced organic-mineral concentrate O-80 consisting of a unique composition of micro- and macroelements, vitamins, free L-amino acids of plants, humic acids.

Our fertilizers contain all the nutrients necessary for the proper development of the plant and to ensure a plentiful harvest.


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