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It is primarily intended for use in organic farming, in accordance with the principles of sustainable and organic plant breeding.

An innovative revolution in plant nutrition

FITOVALOR ORGANIC offers a complete solution, providing optimal plant nutrition, increased yields, and improved crop quality; all while taking care of the environment and plant welfare.

FITOVALOR ORGANIC is an innovative high-concentration liquid fertilizer based on advanced brown coal processing technology. It is made from high-quality natural ingredients, and contains complexes of mono-atomic humic acids and fulvic acids, short-chain peptides, minerals and cyanobacteria. All these ingredients are of natural origin.


Soil: has soil reclamation properties, improving soil structure and fertility. Increases water and nutrient retention, resulting in soil rich in essential nutrients for healthy plant growth


Protection: helps plants cope with a variety of stress factors such as drought, low temperatures, disease or excessive soil salinity. Strengthens plants' natural resistance, enabling them to survive in extreme conditions


Nutrition: provides plants with easily absorbed forms of nutrients such as potassium and micronutrients. These elements are essential for proper plant function and metabolic processes


Development: positively influences plant growth and development processes such as germination, rooting, flowering and fruiting. Helps increase yields and improve crop quality

Other properties of FITOVALOR ORGANIC concentrate

Improving crop quality: The use of FITOVALOR ORGANIC contributes to improving crop quality, potentially increasing nutrient content, flavor, aroma and storage life.

Plant regeneration after herbicide impact: FITOVALOR ORGANIC supports plant regeneration after herbicide exposure, helping to restore plant health and normal growth.

Activation of chlorophyll synthesis: FITOVALOR ORGANIC supports photosynthesis, leading to increased chlorophyll production, improving light absorption and energy production.

Effective transport of nutrients: FITOVALOR ORGANIKA enhances the transport of nutrients inside plants, enabling better use of available resources.

Accelerated crop maturation: FITOVALOR ORGANIC contributes to a shorter crop growing season, the time it takes for a crop to reach maturity.

Promotes rooting of grains and seedlings: FITOVALOR ORGANIC helps the rooting process, which is crucial for healthy growth and development.

Reduced dosage of mineral fertilizers: by optimizing plant nutrition, FITOVALOR ORGANIC makes it possible to reduce the amount of mineral fertilizers, which minimizes the negative impact on the environment.

Environmentally friendly, safe for humans and animals: FITOVALOR ORGANIC is an environmentally friendly product that contains no harmful substances to human and animal health.

Main characteristics of ORGANIC fertilizer

  1. 100% organic ingredients
  2. high concentration
  3. intended for organic farming
  4. compliant with the principles of sustainable and organic plant cultivation
  5. multifunctional, adapted to different needs of plants

What crops should FITOVALOR ORGANIC be applied to?

Cereals and corn
Vegetables, potatoes
Orchards and berries

FITOVALOR ORGANIC fertilizer composition


Declared nutrient content % (m/m):

Total nitrogen (N) content3,6%
Organic nitrogen (Norg) content of natural origin3,6%
Content of organic carbon47,3%
Dry matter content39,4%

Rules of application

  1. Storage temperature: 5°C to 30°C.
  2. Fertilizer should be diluted in warm water
  3. The prepared solution should be applied after sunset, and preferably at dawn
  4. Shake before use
  5. The last spraying should be carried out no later than 2-3 weeks before harvest
  6. The fertilizer is completely safe for humans and animals, it does not contain any toxic, dangerous substances and harmful microorganisms

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