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A multi-nutrient and innovative organic-mineral fertilizer in concentrated liquid form for use on all types of soils and crops.

An innovative revolution in plant nutrition

The effect of O-80 pushes the boundaries in plant care. It is a concentrated formula that transforms the existing way of plant nutrition.

O-80 is an unparalleled fertilizer, the first and only one on the market that combines the powerful effects of a complex of biologically active substances and ingredients: free plant L-amino acids, trace elements of natural origin and in chelated form, macro- and micronutrients, as well as vitamins supported by organic matter and enriched humic and fulvic acids.


Improves soil structure by increasing organic matter as well as increasing the soil's water holding capacity by counteracting water evaporation


Increases resistance to abiotic stress caused by adverse weather conditions (higher temperature and lack of rain)


Increases the quantity and quality of crop yields through the ecological and comprehensive provision of nutrients and promotes proper plant growth and development


Reduces the use of other fertilizers, which reduces the cost of treatments by up to 40% (purchase of fertilizers, fuel costs, water and remuneration, washing preparations and chemical additives


Reduces soil and groundwater pollution, reduces CO2 and methane emissions

Why is FITOVALOR O-80 fertilizer a must-have choice?

The power of innovation in your hands: O-80 represents a new dimension of effectiveness. With unique technology based on FITOVALOR's proprietary solutions, it's a concentrate that will strengthen your plants in ways you never dreamed possible.

Universality of application: O-80 supports large-scale crops, agricultural crops, orchards, vegetables, ornamentals and lawns - FITOVALOR O-80 concentrate will provide them with a comprehensive and balanced nutrition at every stage.

The power of O-80 concentrate in growing your plants: the challenge of stressful and abiotic conditions will no longer be an obstacle. Foliar as well as soil application of O-80 fertilizer is a nutrition that rebuilds plants, providing them with macro- and micronutrient support that strengthens the immunity and resilience of plants.

Growth, yield, quality: the O-80 concentrate holds the secret to accelerated growth, abundant yields and exceptional crop quality. This is the fertilizer that will transform your plants into true masterpieces of nature.

Enhancing your energy source: FITOVALOR O-80 concentrate speeds up metabolism and boosts photosynthesis. Your plants become biomass giants, delivering healthy, green leaves and shoots.

Soil evolution: FITOVALOR O-80 concentrate is a revolution in the effect on soil. It improves its chemical, physical and biological properties, increases the water and absorption capacity of the soil. Creates the perfect substrate on which your plants can build their kingdom. O-80 builds powerful roots, regulates moisture absorption and revolutionizes root nutrition. It's a natural balance that supports the healthy growth of your plants..

🌎 Ecosystem-friendly: our recipe is harmony with nature. Safe for humans, animals and the environment, FITOVALOR O-80 fertilizer underscores our commitment to future generations.

O-80 fertilizer features:

  1. accelerates metabolism, enhances photosynthesis and biomass, and strengthens the development of the plant root system
  2. friendly to people and animals
  3. chelate compounds enable plants to assimilate microelements up to 90%
  4. saving labor time and money through miscibility with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and crop protection products

What crops should FITOVALOR O-80 be applied to?

spring and winter cereals

root, oil and sugar crops

fruit and vegetable

fibrous plants

grasses and pastures

legume plants

fodder beets

Fertilizer composition


Declared nutrient content % (m/m):

Total nitrogen (N) content5,6%
Organic nitrogen (Norg) content of natural origin2,6%
Ammonium nitrogen (N)0,2%
Amide nitrogen (N) content2,8%
Total phosphorus content,
converted to phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)
5.0% (m/m)=2.3%
Total potassium content,
converted to potassium oxide (K2O)
6.8% (m/m)=5.8%
Total calcium content,
converted to calcium oxide (CaO)
Total boron (B) content from boroethanolamine1,0%
Total copper (Cu) content0,58%
Content of copper (Cu) chelated by EDTA0,25%
Total iron (Fe) content0,58%
Content of iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA0,3%
Total manganese (Mn) content0,99%
Content of manganese (Mn) chelated by EDTA0,39%
Total molybdenum (Mo) content from ammonium salt0,11%
Total zinc (Zn) content0,44%
Content of zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA0,43%
Content of organic carbon34,9%
Dry matter content57,9%

Rules of application

  1. Storage temperature: 5°C to 30°C.
  2. Fertilizer should be diluted in warm water
  3. The prepared solution should be applied after sunset, and preferably at dawn
  4. Shake before use
  5. The last spraying should be carried out no later than 2-3 weeks before harvest
  6. The fertilizer is completely safe for humans and animals, it does not contain any toxic, dangerous substances and harmful microorganisms

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