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"Fertilizers" is an innocent word by which FITOVALOR wants to change the world

Our product portfolio

Our fertilizers affect enzyme activity, chlorophyll synthesis, energy production and plant immunity.
They are based on natural and easily digestible ingredients as well as are safe for humans and animals.


Perfect for Farmers using organic crops, offering a completely organic composition


It offers a rich diversity of components and a wide range of applications in plant cultivation


An excellent choice for those who want to enrich the soil after harvest and prepare it before sowing


Strong and effective fertilizer for grain cultures, lawns, meadows and pastures


Fertilizer focusing on three key ingredients – for NPK traditionalists

Alternative to traditional nitrogen fertilizers

The products offered by Fitovalor sp z o.o., thanks to the unique formula and proprietary production technology based on the latest knowledge and experience of the FITOVALOR team in the field of biology and genetics, including in particular molecular biology and genomics, significantly improve soil quality, increase the quality and quantity of crops and better absorption of nutrients by plants.

Research conducted by FITOVALOR sp. z o.o. on crop fields shows that plants that have received foliar application of our fertilizers stand out with significantly better development and increased yields compared to other plants.

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